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May 2022

How to Play Roulette the Right Way


Many players use a combination of old reliable methods of Roulette, such as watching for the same symbols on the reels, and new strategies, such as continuously betting the same amount, regardless of results. Just like using same strategy playing slot online. However, there are some methods that you should never use in favor of playing online slots. Let’s take a look at the nasty eight methods used in the online slot industry.

1. “Number” Playing Roulette.

You may think that the casino’s name, or logo, is the way these machines are chosen. This mindset is a complete mistake. These slots are chosen for you, constantly, because casinos know that a gambler will keep playing until something gives him a line of profit. The little chip inside the numbered judi slot machines are the “payout” symbols. The outcome of the spin is not what delivers the profit, because this is a computer programmed to pay out a certain amount. The only real way to approach this type of gaming is to own a still life mini-casino inside your house!

2. “Line” Betting.

Casinos like lots of players, and having lots of new “paying” machines on the floor, are a quick way to earn some dollars. But you’ll soon find out that these numbered machines will not pay out until the middle of the line! (Someoneviously hit the jackpot at the other end!) Line betting is a quick way to lose lots of money.

3. Betting the Max.

Let’s say you walk up to a roulette wheel, and see on the 64 face that the “random” number it generates is 8. You say to yourself, “this number has to be a jackpot because I’ve put money on it”, when it isn’t. The number on the wheel is sick and is a sucker bet. If you’re playing roulette and its spinning, you have no way of knowing what will come up. If you put a bet on 8, you’ll lose 19 in every 100 spins or so. Unless you’re some kind of nutteryist, or fan of random numbers, betting the max when you’re playing roulette seems like a waste of time.

4. Betting too Much Money.

I know that some of you who are reading this already know how to play roulette. others haven’t made the journey and are still learning. It’s okay to be skeptical and afraid when you first start out, but you’ll get over it real quick. If you have a fear of gambling, or high blood pressure, these are both things that can be avoided once you learn the ropes. Do you need to travel to Las Vegas to play roulette? Perhaps another good question is, is it easier just to play online roulette, by sitting in your pajamas? You don’t need to answer yes or no answers to those questions, you can always look at gambling as a serious business to better your casino skills and try to make better decisions about your money.

Whatever method you choose, remember to have fun. Don’t assume that you will win every time, and don’t blow your whole paycheck because you’re trying to become a high roller. Be smart, play smart, and learn how to play roulette the right way.

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